Motive Feed Integration Documentation (Version 3)

This version is deprecated, please upgrade to version 4. We will not be supporting this version anymore.

Obtaining your API Key and Affiliate ID

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on the "Reporting API" button near the top.
  3. Copy the information highlighted in red, you need to use that to build your request URL.

Request interval:

Our feed updates once every hour, so our recommendation is to have a max interval pull of once per hour and a minimum of at least once a day to ensure the data is synchronized between your application and our server.


Parameter Summary:

api_key / STRING (required)= Affiliate API Key

affiliate_id / INT (required)= Affiliate ID

creatives / BOOL (optional)= TRUE/FALSE

d[] / ARRAY (optional)= Dimension of creatives in this format (WIDTHxHEIGHT). Can have multiple. ( Eg. d[]=300x250&d[]=320x480 )

vertical_id / INT (optional)= Vertical ID see here for a list of avaliable verticals

Sample GET Call:






Response Type:

success - STRING: Request success status

totals_rows - INT: Total number of rows

campaigns > campaign:

campaign_id - INT: Campaign ID

offer_id - INT: Offer ID

offer_name - STRING: Offer Name

offer_contract_id - INT: Offer Contract ID

vertical_name - STRING: Vertical Name

vertical_id - STRING: Vertical ID

tracking_link - STRING: Tracking link URL

impression_pixel - STRING: Impression pixel URL (Place in a 1x1 <img> tag. Click here for example)

payout - STRING: Payout amount in string format with $ in front of the number

> allowed_media_types > media_type > item:

type_id - INT: Media type ID

type_name - STRING: Media type name

category_id - INT: Media category ID

type_name - STRING: Media category name

> allowed_countries:

allowed_country - STRING: Two letter country code in uppercase

> allowed_devices:

allowed_device - STRING: Allowed device name in lowercase

> app_details:

app_id - STRING: Apple App Store/Google Play Store App ID

developer - STRING: App developer name/company

rating - FLOAT: App rating in decimal, rating is on a scale from 0 - 5

content - STRING: App description

number_of_reviews - INT: Number of reviews

file_size - STRING: File size in MB

downloads - STRING: Number of downloads (Only available for Google Play Store apps)

> app_icons:

app_icon_small - STRING: Small icon image link

app_icon_large - STRING: Large icon image link

app_icon_60x60 - STRING: 60x60 icon image link

app_icon_100x100 - STRING: 100x100 icon image link

app_icon_200x200 - STRING: 200x200 icon image link

> creatives:

> creatives:

creative_id - INT: Creative ID

creative_name - STRING: Creative name

creative_type_id - INT: Creative type ID

creative_type - STRING: Creative type name

creative_status_id - INT: Creative status ID

creative_status - STRING: Creative status name

width - INT: Width

height - INT: Height

creative_file_id - INT: Creative file ID

creative_file_name - STRING: Creative file name

creative_file_link - STRING: Creative file link

date_created - DATETIME: date created

Sample XML Response:

                <offer_name>Feed Offer Test - US Traffic (default)</offer_name>
                <vertical_name>Mobile Android</vertical_name>
                        <date_created>2014-02-05 11:39:37</date_created>
                        <date_created>2014-02-05 11:39:36</date_created>
                    <developer>Google Inc.</developer>
                    <title>Chrome Browser - Google</title>
                    <downloads>100,000,000 - 500,000,000</downloads>
                    <filesize>Varies with device</filesize>

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