Publisher Integration & Tracking

Tracking URL and S2S (Server-to-server) Postback Setup

Publisher setup and integration with our system is quick and easy.

Motive utilizes a redirect tracking link that your account manager will provide to you. This tracking link is used as the "destination URL" instead of sending traffic directly to the app store. The URL passes us the needed information from the device, plus you can also pass along any dynamic variables for your own system.

Motive acts as the tracking and attribution platform, bridging the gap between you and a third party tracking system. When an install occurs, Motive is notified of the event. We then process and attribute that install to the correct source. We record the install (conversion) to your account, and we can then optionally call your system via a server2server postback URL that you provide us. We will only call your postback URL when an install is attributed to you -- not on all install occurrences of the app.

The Flow

  • Tracking Link Implementation

    Your account manager provides you with a tracking URL, creative assets, campaign restrictions, and requirements (geo location, device ID formats, etc.). You place and serve the creative with the provided tracking URL.
  • The Click

    The visitor clicks on the advertisement and is then sent to our tracking URL, which captures the needed information.
  • Redirect

    The visitor is immediately redirected to the app store.
  • Attribution

    When a download occurs, it is reported to Motive by the advertiser. We attribute and match it to the correct visitor's click. If that visitor was sent by you, it means the download is credited to your account.
  • Callback

    If you have provided us with a callback URL, we call it and report the install and optional data variables back to you in realtime.

Example Motive Tracking URL

a= Your assigned Publisher ID with motive

c= The Creative ID of the campaign being ran

s1 through s4= Optional SubID's. These can be used to pass data to Motive that can later be used for your internal reporting and optimization or passed back to you on an install event via your S2S postback URL you would provide to us. Common uses include sending an impression or click ID, creative identifier, or other dynamic variables your system may generate to use for reporting, reconciliation and traffic optimization. s1 specifically cannot be a unique variable.

s5= Reserved for the mobile unique device ID - accepted device ID types vary per campaign. On a mobile campaign this will be a Google AID for Android or an IDFA for iOS.

Detailed Instructions


Your account manager will provide you with your specific tracking link. This link includes the correct Publisher ID, Campaign ID, and detailed instructions about which Device ID types we can accept on that specific campaign (allowed device types can vary by campaign setup and our type of integration with the app developer). You will then take the URL and append any other data points you may need by using our four available SubIDs (&s1=value&s2=value&s3=value&s4=value). These are optional for your use and are not required.

In the s5=, place any one of the allowed deviceID types allowed on the campaign. We only need one of the allowed deviceID types per click, and it must be placed in our s5 parameter. We do not use specific variables for each deviceID format, but rather use S5 as a universal deviceID catch-all.

NOTE: Other than an allowed deviceID format, nothing else is allowed to be placed in the s5 parameter as this will cause the campaign to not track.

Character limits for the optional subid fields are as follows:
s1= 50 Characters(Non-Unique)
s2= 100 Characters
s3= 100 Characters
s4= 100 Characters
s5= 100 Characters

If you have any questions or need clarification on how to integrate with Motive's system, please contact your Account Manager.

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