Publisher Integration & Tracking

S2S Postback URL

If you have provided your account manager with your system's postback server-to-server URL, we will place that in our system, merge any of the dynamic variables you have passed to us using our subIDs (please format your URL with placeholders of where you would like us to merge the data back into on the call). On an install event attributed to you, we call your postback in realtime and report it to your system. If you do not utilize a postback URL, you will have access to our system's dashboard to gain access to your statistics and reporting.

For most integrations, the easiest way to report the install back to your system via a postback call is to use your systems unique Click ID, Impression ID or other unique system generated key value. You would simply send us your click ID by merging it into our tracking URL, placed in the s2 parameter (we are unable to accept a click ID in s1 or s5), then on an install, we would merge that back into your postback URL and call your system to report the event.

Tokens (Dynamic Template Variables)

The following tokens can be used in the postback URL to output certain campaign data:

  • #affid# : the Affiliate ID
  • #campid# : the Campaign ID
  • #sourceip# : the IP of the traffic source (click)
  • #price# : the CPI rate to publisher per campaign ID
  • #s1# : optional (usually the subsite ID)
  • #s2# : optional (usually click ID)
  • #s3# : optional
  • #s4# : optional
  • #s5# : optional (reserved for the GAID or IDFA only)

Example Postback URLs


If you have any questions or need clarification on how to integrate with Motive's system, please contact your Account Manager.

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