Motive Feed Integration Documentation (Version 5)


  1. How often can I call the feed?

    We recommend calling the feed a maximum of once every 5 minutes.

  2. How do I return video campaigns?

    Using the parameter &video=1 will return campaigns with the download link for a video file.

  3. How do I include/exclude incent campaigns?

    Use the parameter incent_id= to customize your return to include or exclude incentivized campaigns. Our default is to return all campaigns (incent and non-incent).

    To return only incent campaigns: incent_id=3

    To return only non-incent campaigns: incent_id=2

    To return both incent and non-incent campaigns: incent_id=1

  4. How do I return specific creative size?

    Use the parameter d[]= to return only specific sizes of creatives. Dimensions should be in WIDTHxHEIGHT format, and can have multiple sizes.

    If a campaign does not have creatives with these dimensions, this response field will be blank.

  5. How do I return campaigns above a specific price floor?

    Use the parameter payout_at_least= to return campaigns with payout equal to or greater than this value.

    Value must be in USD currency.

  6. What should I pass in the s1 parameter?

    This is where you should pass the sub-id, also referred to as a specific placement id, sub-source id, placement id, site id, app id or sub-pub id.

  7. Can I pass Device ID in any parameter? Is it required?

    Device ID should only be passed in the s5 parameter.

    We do not require publishers to pass DeviceID, however some offers do require DeviceID to convert and are tagged with Tag ID 760 "Device ID Required".

  8. What is a CPE campaign? How do I include/exclude them from my feed?

    CPE campaigns are Cost Per Engagement or Cost Per Event campaigns. They may payout on a registration, purchase, or other specific action within the app, instead of paying on the initial install and open.

    Use the parameter CPE= to include or exclude CPE campaigns. CPE=0 excludes CPE campaigns. If the parameter is not used, CPE campaigns are returned by default.

    CPE offers are tagged using the format [CPE] - Point of conversion. So for an offer that converts when a user registers, the tag is [CPE] - Registration

  9. How do I see an example URL that uses the different parameters?

    Check out our URL generator, and use the different parameters to create a URL customized to your needs.

  10. What are Caps?

    Conversion Cap intervals, totals, and amount remaining are now output under the tag "campaign_cap." Note that this does not override other rules of the feed. While a cap may show conversions remaining it can still be removed at any point for other reasons. Therefore, while the cap output provides extra information for traffic throttling, campaigns are still subject to change.

  11. How can I optimize sub IDs via the MotiveFeed API?

    We can output sub IDs which are passed to us in the &s1 parameter to blacklist or whitelist on a per campaign basis through in order to increase efficiency of campaign optimizations. Please speak with your account manager if you want to enable this.

    Example output:

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