MotiveFeed API

A Product of Motive Interactive.

Built for Mobile Ad Networks, Developers, and Discovery Platforms!

An XML/JSON offer feed API for our publishers,

built to provide the campaign data you need

to increase your revenue & fill rate.


Mobile Info

Receive up to date information on the active campaigns of your personal profile.

App Walls

Populate your own App Wall with mobile offers containing full application details.


Set up an automatic pull of our API to fill your ad-server or fit your SDK.


Manually grab the pieces you need with the help of a series of parameters to narrow your scope.

Fill in your parameters to our unique URL to return all the campaign data you need to easily serve your own ad content.


It all begins with a URL, filling in your custom parameters.

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Motive Interactive is a performance-based online and mobile marketing network that represents brands across numerous verticals with a focus on user acquisition in the mobile and online game segments. A proven innovator, Motive develops and markets technologies, strategies and services that increase our advertisers' ROI's and our publishers' profits.